More Viral Than The Flu

Isn’t this young man amazing! Do you know collectively, we’ve watched this video more than 81 million times.

In fact, I just realized this is the second time I’ve written about a phenomenon connected to number 81. First it was the book, the DaVinci Code selling more than 81 million copies now this video.

There must be something in the number 81 I think its 9. (9×9)

7, number of completion;
8, number of beginning;
9, number Divine Achievementwhoa.

That was not where I was going when I started to write this post but I’m honored to share the insight nonetheless.


If I say YAWN what comes to mind? Do you know why we yawn? Some scholars believe we yawn to achieve an alert status. When we yawn, we engage each of our senses. Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch, and the sixth sense, ESP (Extrasensory Perception), are all stimulated to alertness by the simple act of yawning.

When we yawn, our eyes water, ears pop, we breathe deeply, skin tingles, we even sometimes touch our tongue to the roof of our mouth creating a smacking sound with our lips and finally we stretch limbering up our muscles just in case engage in combat.

Try it. Yawn. If someone is near you, look at them while you yawn.. Did they yawn too? Your yawn has just gone viral.

And there you have it…

THE WHY something goes viral. Simply put, an infectious agent is introduced into the system and we become self-aware of our sleep-walking status. We are then catapulted out of our slumber and put on alert.

In the case of media, the infectious agent can be a novel, extraordinary guitar or violin playing, a jilted lover’s song extolling the power of “Fu<% You” or a news story putting a perpetrator on notice such as Antoine “We gonna find you, you can run tell that, homeboy” Dodson’s interview.

Bottom-line:If you want your creative product to go viral you better do your “Jesus Walk ” and give us something to wake us up!

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