Book Review: THE 50th LAW-Thou Shall Not Fear

The 50th Law


Ever since I finished reading The 50th Law by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Robert Greene, I’ve been feeling some kind of way.

If I had to identify the feeling, it would be an emotion ranging from vindication (as in “I knew it”) to one of frustration (as in “when did I forget what I knew?”)

I am, however, jumping ahead of myself.
The 50th Law is a multi-genre book and its 304 pages (although my copy only had 291 pages) is divided up into genres of 1/4 history, 1/4 leadership, 1/4 self-help and 1/4 memoir.
 If I were to sum up its contents in one phrase it would be; from Fearless to “Free to be… You and Me”. The latter being the title from the 70s soundtrack, telecast and movement, which sought to do away with traditional gender roles.
Almost 40 years later, the message resurfaces and although it doesn’t promote gender neutrality, it is just as empowering. The 50th Law seeks to have us embrace our individuality in an effort to be the best we can be.
This message is driven home by author Robert Greene providing an intimate look into the lives of historical figures and celebrities including 50 Cent.  Greene illustrates how these iconoclasts embraced their individuality early on and without apology, which contributed to their professional and personal success.
Embracing your individuality seems easy enough, right? It is; if you don’t mind separating yourself from the crowd, standing out and apart.
If it is easy, however, why do the majority of us humans spend our entire lives trying to fit in? According to 50 Cent and Robert Greene “Fear” is why we so desperately cling to each other like sheep.
And while “Fear” is the usual suspect, it is their answer to the “Fear of What” and their ensuing solution that separates their thesis from those of modern day philosophers.
The answer is so thought-provoking it will have other readers “feeling some kind of way” long after they put the book down.
I highly recommend “The 50th Law” to those who are ready to break away from “the herd.”
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