Book Review:The Way of the Bow (Kindle Edition)

The Way of the Bow

Often times we practice our craft under the most mundane conditions and we think we are at the top of our game – but throw in a word like *deadline* into the mix then watch the challenge test our mettle.

If you are a broadcast journalist, as I was, then your vocation tested your mettle once maybe twice in an 8-hour period. What’s more you weren’t only judged by your managing editor but the entire viewing audience. Further, the word deadline conjured up three things – an allotted amount of time (or space) to fill; out of time and finally the report must hit the mark with deadly accuracy or it could mean termination.

Had I not performed under that type of pressure daily, I could have easily dismissed the moral of the story in Paulo Coelho’s “The Way of the Bow”. Taking my experience into consideration, however, I realized no matter what job we perform, as far fetched as it seems, we could find ourselves practicing it in a death-defying situation. It is then and only then can we know how good we really are at our craft. But why wait for a catastrophe? Mastering “The Way of the Bow” in any endeavor becomes almost achievable if we follow the steps outlined in this inspirational tale.

As Mr. Coelho promised in his blog post “The Way of the Bow” is a short read but it’s a helpful anecdote for mastering any undertaking. If you are at the point in your career where you think you’ve seen it, done it all, ready to write a book about it ,I suggest you first read “The Way of the Bow – then revisit your quest and ask yourself:

“Am I really master of my domain?”
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