African-Americans No. 1 in Media Consumption

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Ever noticed that some of your favorite African-American online destinations are actually not black-owned?

Sites, such as Black Voices that cater to African-American audiences, have owners that are not.

In many cases, websites that provide African-American focused content are owned by media conglomerates.

If you’ve ever wondered why owning Black media is good business, the following may shed some light.

Nielsen reports that African-Americans outpace all groups when consuming media through multi-platforms. According to the audience measurement company, African-Americans watch more television, access their favorite websites, many of which feature financial or career content through apps and/or mobile browsers.

“On a monthly basis, blacks spend close to 56 hours using apps or mobile Internet browsers on their smartphones and about two and a half hours watching videos on their smartphones. Additionally, 81% of African-Americans are more likely to show support for a favorite company or brand using social media, and 76% are more likely to share opinions by posting reviews and ratings online.” ~Nielsen I MULTIFACETED CONNECTIONS: AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEDIA USAGE OUTPACES ACROSS PLATFORMS

Other Nielsen findings conclude African-Americans:

• “flock to best-fit media outlets for news-gathering and entertainment.”
• Watch 200 hours of television per month – choosing live programming and video-on-demand
• prefer print and still select a variety of newspapers and magazines featuring heritage and cultural content
• continue to connect through radio with more than 70 % listening to Urban Contemporary, Adult Urban Contemporary, RnB contemporary, and 90 % tuning in for the Gospel and Urban Oldies format
• Are likely share opinions for their favorite brand (81%) through social media and 76% likely to leave online review/ratings
• are avid users of popular social media and blogging channels
• Smartphone penetration is at 81% – 7% higher than the rest of the groups.

Nielsen reports that mainstream media outlets establish niche websites that have culturally rich content.

Editor’s Note:  PWMI (Predominately White Media Institution) create or purchase websites that cater to African-Americans to advertise to the purse holders of that est. 1.7 trillion dollar purchasing power.

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