Data Scientist: Trillions! African-Americans Spend as Much as Australia

BOMA Award Winners /BlackPRW

Black PR Wire, Inc.| Keynote  Speaker & BOMA Distinguished Industry Leader (2017) Cheryl Grace Pearson-McNeil shared consciousness-raising Black consumer data with those in attendance at the Inaugural Black Owned Media Alliance (BOMA) Awards.  The Awards event held at Hilton Miami Airport Hotel on April 26, 2017 celebrated members who the organization believes accurately shaped the black narrative in south Florida.

During her keynote, Grace Pearson-McNeil shared insight on Black consumers.

“We have the intention and the power as influencers to drive change where it strikes fear in this system – the revenue stream. We watch 40% more television than any other group of people. 95% of us tune into a radio station at least once a week. We make more trips to the grocery store than any other consumer segment — We spend 1.3 trillion dollars every single year. That’s what Australia spends.” Grace Pearson-McNeil added that “although the buying power of Blacks speak volumes and worthy of pursuit, brands still don’t allocate funds proportionately.”

Source: BlackPRWire

1 thought on “Data Scientist: Trillions! African-Americans Spend as Much as Australia

  1. The amount of money spent is not as important as who the money is spent with. Expecting corporations to “allocate funds proportionately” is naive.

    We have been singing Black spending power for decades. All we really need to do is spend more with black owned entities in black communities.

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