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“Finally! Five Secrets to Pitch Perfect (LY)” Podcast – uploaded Tuesday, October 23, 2018

While listening to Barbara Corcoran’s (of Shark Tank) Business Unu$ual podcast,  I noticed independent authors could modify her “5 secrets to a perfect pitch” to successfully present their books.

Corcoran’s 5 secrets are as follow:

  1. Good Hook
  2. To the Point Short & Clear
  3. Good Backstory
  4. Look the part
  5. Cite the Next Steps

An Independent author can take these secrets and craft a pitch that will lay the foundation for selling a book or manuscript to anyone; anywhere.


  1. (Good Hook) When I hear “hook,” I think music, specifically Rap.  So, a book should have a catchy title.  My first book didn’t.  #TitleFAIL  So, I made my title into a meme.  “You pray that love is heaven sent, but sometimes you end up Sleeping with a D-Man.”  BUT Check out the bestseller list –  how many words in the title?  Most have three words; 5 is the max.   Choose wisely.
  2. (To the Point Short & Clear) Tell your audience what your book is about in 2 sentences or less.   Who is this book about? What do they want?  How will they get it? Or what’s preventing them from getting it.    Nicole, heart-broken and college-bound, will go to hell and battle demons for the man she loves. Literally.
  3. (Good Backstory)  Every author knows why they’re compelled to tell their story.   My daughter was going off to college – I wanted to share with her how to avoid the perils of dorm and college life.  Here’s where an author can share the benefits of reading their book. Let readers know how the author hopes this book can help.
  4. (Look the part)  Hire a successful book cover designer.  We do judge a book by its cover.
  5. (Cite the Next Steps)  An entrepreneur Next Steps is all “about the Benjamins” and funding. The same is true for independent authors, but our approach is a bit different.  Our goal is to develop a relationship with our readers and also have them buy our books every time we publish.  So, independent authors,  we have to let our readers know how they can buy our book. [<-link to buy my book] Do it the Amazon way and make it as easy and conspicuous as possible.  Remind them again of the benefit from buying directly from you the author.  I read once that the most successful panhandlers tell those who put money in their cup how they will use their generous donations.

For Example:

“Thank you for buying my book.  With your purchase you make it possible for me to continue to write books to positively influence and empower young women.”

By the way, Corcoran says, “the same five steps were shared by every great entrepreneur that ever left shark tank with a fist full of cash.

So, “Write On!”

Originally posted in Hey Indie Author! How Can I Get Your Book?

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