AMP Stories for Independent Authors

AMP for WordPress
AMP (Beta)

Ok, authors-publishers I’ve been playing around with AMP stories. The app is currently in beta WordPress (open source content management systems).

If you have a WordPress website and activated the plugin AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), try it!  AMP stories allow you to introduce your book succinctly.

Think of it as a way to make a trailer for a book without video production.

If you don’t have an open-source WordPress site, then try According to its creator, it’s free to use until 2020.

Here’s a link to the travel story I made on the makestories site 

I didn’t install the Makestories plugin for WordPress because there’s no recent update.  But, here’s the same story I made on my website.

There’s a call to action (CTA) link that you can add to lead your viewers to where they can purchase your book directly from you AND not AMAZON DOT COM!

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